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Brazil is a largest sugar producer in the world. If you’re in the market for sugar to import, Brazilian Sugar is a top choice. MSR Foodstuff is a leading sugar exporter in the Brazil. With its rich soil and favourable climate, Brazil produces some of the highest quality sugar in the world. Here are the top 5 reasons why importing sugar from Brazil can benefit your business.

  Brazil is largest sugar producer in the world

Brazil has been the world’s largest producer of sugar for over 40 years, consistently producing over 30% of the world’s sugar supply. This means that Brazil has the infrastructure and experience to efficiently produce and export high-quality sugar being largest sugar manufacturer. As a result, importing sugar from Brazil can provide your business with a reliable and consistent source of sugar. 

Brazilian sugar is known for its high quality and purity.

One of the top reasons to choose Brazilian sugar for importing is its reputation for high quality and purity. Brazilian sugar is produced using advanced technology and strict quality control measures, ensuring that it meets international standards for purity and cleanliness. This means that you can trust that the sugar you import from Brazil will be of the highest quality, free from contaminants and impurities that can affect the taste and quality of your products.


Brazil has a favorable climate for sugar production.

Brazil’s tropical climate is ideal for growing sugarcane, the primary source of sugar production. The country has vast areas of fertile land, abundant water resources, and a long growing season, which allows for multiple harvests per year. Additionally, Brazil has invested heavily in research and development to improve sugarcane cultivation and processing techniques, resulting in higher yields and better quality sugar. All of these factors contribute to Brazil’s position as the world’s largest producer and exporter of sugar.

Brazilian sugar is competitively priced.

One of the top reasons why Brazilian sugar is the best choice for importing is its competitive pricing. Due to Brazil’s large-scale production and efficient processing techniques, the cost of producing sugar is relatively low. This translates to lower prices for buyers, making Brazilian sugar a cost-effective option for businesses looking to import high-quality sugar. Additionally, Brazil’s favorable exchange rates and trade agreements with many countries further contribute to the competitive pricing of Brazilian sugar.

Brazil has a well-established infrastructure for exporting sugar.

Brazil has a well-established infrastructure for exporting sugar, making it a reliable source for businesses looking to import high-quality sugar. Brazil has a vast network of ports and transportation systems, allowing for efficient and timely delivery of sugar to buyers around the world. Additionally, Brazil has a strong regulatory system in place to ensure the quality and safety of its sugar exports, giving buyers peace of mind when importing from Brazil.


Types of Sugar

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ICUMSA-45 Sugar is a highly refined form of sugar that is known for its sparkling white color. This type of sugar is typically sold directly to consumers and is suitable for human consumption and use in a variety of food applications. Due to the refining process used to create it, ICUMSA-45 Sugar is considered the safest form of sugar as it removes bacteria and contaminants that are often present in raw sugars. As a result, it is in high demand and is a popular choice among consumers.

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Our ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar is produced through a natural crystallization process, without any chemical refining. This results in a pure and high-quality product with a great crystalline shape. We always keep a ready stock of sugar in our warehouse to ensure timely deliveries to our customers. Our ICUMSA 100 Sugar is available in both containerized and bulk quantities, and we offer competitive prices for worldwide shipping from Brazil. Many customers prefer our IC 100 over white refined sugar IC 45, as it contains fewer chemicals and is more affordable than IC 45. Trust us for a natural and chemical-free sugar option.

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Suguar, also known as ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar, is a popular choice in the food industry due to its lower chemical content and cost-effective nature. This type of sugar is created through a crystallization process without the use of chemical refining, resulting in a white crystal sugar. Suguar is commonly used in large-scale baking, drink production, and the creation of various food products as a replacement for the more traditional ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar.

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Raw Brown Cane sugar is brown sugar also known as ICUMSA 600-1200. This type of sugar is produced after the first crystallization of sugar cane and is also known as ICUMSA 600-1200. Unlike white sugar, raw brown sugar is rougher in texture and has a brownish color due to the presence of molasses. When fully refined, raw brown sugar yields about 70 percent white sugar by weight. Additionally, the higher mineral content in natural brown sugar makes it a healthier alternative to white sugar.

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