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With several decades of experience of Exporting Frozen Chicken, we know what it takes to deliver the best quality frozen chicken to our valuable customers. Brazil chicken is regarded as one of the leading frozen chicken suppliers for the obvious reasons today. Fresh and nutritious, we supply chicken that you cannot stop savouring! Further, we offer logistic services for fast and effective transportation of your ordered products.

  Being one of the reliable frozen chicken suppliers, we better understand what you need. Along with offering attractive affordable prices, we ensure that frozen chicken gets through custom and quality check before serving you.

We feel proud to provide you with quality taste, unmatched freshness, and crucial nourishment. Buy our frozen chicken at wholesale prices and we guarantee that you will not regret it. We offer top-quality products to win your trust and confidence. Now, place your order and get the chicken delivered on Destination Port.

Frozen Chicken Products

Sindhri Mangoes

Whole Chicken


Chaunsa Mangoes

Boneless Whole Chicken Breast

Dasheri Mangoes

Chicken Leg Quarter

Chicken Drum Stick


Langra Mangoes

Boneless Skinless Chicken Leg

Green Mangoes for Pickle

Frozen 3 Joint Wing


Frozen 2 Joint Wing

middle joint wing

Frozen Middle Joint Wing

Green Mangoes for Pickle

Frozen Chicken Breast

Chicken Products

Frozen Chicken Feet

Langra Mangoes

Frozen Chicken Paws

Green Mangoes for Pickle

Chicken Gizard

Chicken Liver

Chicken Livers

Chicken Heart

Chicken Hearts

Langra Mangoes

Chicken Tail

Branding, Packing & Shipping


 Customer Preferred Labelling is Accepted 


7- 10 Poly bag / carton box of 10 kg. 1 FCL (2000 cartons, i.e. 20 Metric Tons / 40ft HR container) 

Further We also offers Customised Packing


We Supply Chicken at Loading Port Within 12 Days of Order Confirmation. Further Depend on vessel Schedule.

MOQ: 20TONS Payment Terms: LC/TT

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